Dealing with wind damage to individual trees

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EFIPLANT was host from 6 November to 18 December to Marine Duperat, a PhD student at Laval Université, Quebec.

Marine is studying the impact of stand heterogeneity in balsam fir stands on the wind forces on individual trees. Marine is taking advantage of all the experience acquired by Barry Gardiner (EFIPLANT) in projects such as FORRISK and PLURIFOR. They work together to calculate the risk of wind damage in such heterogeneous stands in Quebec based on the direct measurements Marine has made there of the wind loading on 15 trees. 



The relationships from the field data have been incorporated in a wind damage risk model that can predict the risk of wind damage to individual trees in a stand and the impact of thinning the experimental stand were assessed by the model. These predictions will be tested against further measurements following thinning of the stand this year. An article on the work is in preparation together with Marine's supervisor at Laval Université. Prof. Jean-Claude Ruel.



Photo credits: Marine Duperat