New recommendations on wildfire prevention in the Mediterranean

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Key recommendations on wildfire prevention in the Mediterranean

Numerous wildfire management initiatives are considered or implemented at subnational, national, and regional levels across the Mediterranean. Yet a more concerted approach could harness synergies, harmonise scientific and technical guidance and provide consensual recommendations.

A new publication, led by the European Forest Institute (EFI) and Spain’s Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) as coordinator of the FAO Silva Mediterranea Working Group on Forest Fires, brings together contributions from leading experts from around the region to synthesise the main discussions, accommodate interests raised in different fora, and highlight the further measures still required.

Key recommendations on wildfire prevention in the Mediterranean is updated from the original document, Position paper on wildfire prevention in the Mediterranean, published in 2011 by FAO. It provides an opportunity to re-address wildfire prevention based on current and future scenarios and challenges.

The recommendations focus on six key areas:

  1. Planning (programmes, policies, and adaptation strategies);
  2. Governance models as a cornerstone;
  3. Developing sustainable financial mechanisms to ensure implementation and continuation of wildfire management measures;
  4. Knowledge generation, education, and awareness of society;
  5. Harmonising information systems as the basis for sharing information and understanding the complex reality of wildfires;
  6. International cooperation.

Each recommendation includes specific proposed actions designed to enhance forest fire prevention and mitigate risks.

With the release of these updated recommendations, it is hoped that stakeholders involved in wildfire management will collaborate closely to implement measures that reduce the frequency and severity of wildfires in the Mediterranean region. Through collective action and shared responsibility, the goal of effective wildfire prevention and risk reduction can be achieved, ensuring the preservation of the region’s natural landscapes for future generations.

This document shall become a reference on wildfire prevention for practitioners and policy makers, over the next decade. It will soon be available in various Mediterranean languages.

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