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Attention post-doc and permanent researchers!

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GTTN Regional Workshop in Peru
Lima, Peru
Gesche.Schiffe… Fri, 10.26.2018 - 09:22
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SUFAREL - Qualifications Framework for Sustainable Forestry and Lifelong Learning

SUFAREL focused on improvement of the quality of Russian (RU) higher professional education in forestry by development of the Qualification Framework (QF) in sustainable forestry and lifelong learning (LLL) in cooperation between RU and EU Universities. Proposed activities will bring to harmonization of the forestry degree programs in RU to the standards of EU partners based on the principles of lifelong learning, labour markets requirements, ECTS, and integration.

FRISK GO - Start-Up Project for a European Forest Risk Facility

European forests are increasingly exposed to various disturbances which can be of abiotic or biotic nature. When being of more ‘catastrophic’ nature they can strongly disrupt targeted forest management goals and have severe consequences to wood production, timber markets, and environmental services. They may jeopardize the economic base of forest owners.