News and views from the Mediterranean forest network

MedForest is an open-access, contributor-driven platform for news, views and happenings related to Mediterranean forests, developed by the EFI Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED). Launched in January 2019, MedForest is part of the Facility’s strategy to develop and strengthen communication and collaboration throughout the Mediterranean. 

EFIMED has been working with a Mediterranean network of individuals and institutions since 2007, developing various tools to foster cooperation between people and partners in the region, including a dedicated website, network newsletter, development of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda, Short Scientific visits and coordination of various projects for collaboration and mobility. 

MedForest builds on this solid foundation and provides a platform which highlights the rich variety of voices and issues from this dynamic region, grouping content together by topic and type, for ease of navigation. The aim is that the platform should become a focal point for the most up-to-date content relating to Mediterranean forests and a reliable reference for the latest in research and practice, with access open to all and available instantly. 

MedForest reflects the forest sector issues most frequently shared by EFIMED network members over the past years and is organised via five main topics, each with several subtopics: bioeconomy, ecosystem services, forest management, governance and resilience. Content is also organised according to type, so news, events, publications and opportunities are easily found, as well as a blog section and videos. Posts can be shared easily on social media, including on EFIMED's new Twitter account, thus increasing the reach and drawing in a greater audience.

Content for the platform comes from contributors all around the Mediterranean and regular calls will invite users to submit their latest information. Content is largely unedited but EFIMED coordinates all submissions and reserves the right not to publish inappropriate posts.  

MedForest is live: it’s time to share the news and share your stories!