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Non-wood forest products in Europe: Seeing the forest around the trees 

What Science Can Tell Us #10 (2019)

Follow the complete NWFP value chain from primary production to marketing, and the accompanying institutional frameworks in this major publication of StarTree results. 

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Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products: A challenge and opportunity

State of European NWFP (2012)

What can StarTree add to our understanding of non-wood forest products (NWFP)? The picture which emerges from the StarTree research is one which demonstrates the central role of NWFPs in the forest culture of Europe. The StarTree project explored a diverse range of ecological and socio-economic conditions and utilised 14 focal regions across Europe as the basis for data collection, analysis and stakeholder engagement.

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Wild Forest Products in Europe

StarTree infographic 

A visual glimpse at the current state of wild forest products in Europe, based on StarTree research and sector mapping. This infographic presents the work and key messages of the StarTree project, as also reported in the State of European NWFP report and Policy Brief, in a visually compelling format.

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Fruit of Our Forests

StarTree Video

Do you want to enjoy the rich fruits of our forest? StarTree shows how forests provide us with a great deal more than wood and can be used to strengthen economic activities in rural areas.