BenchValue stakeholder dialogue

Kaunas, Lithuania
Sep 04, 2018 - Sep 06, 2018

BenchValue stakeholder dialogue

"Lithuania has forest resources and a strong forest industry – How can the local wood construction sector help pave the way for a strong bioeconomy?"

This is your opportunity to contribute, to hear from other stakeholders in Lithuania and elsewhere in Europe and to elaborate potential solutions! Active and guided stakeholder interaction will be an important part of the discussion, to help to clarify many other issues and potentials of Lithuanian bioeconomy, as well as to map challenges, opportunities and suggestions.

Mitigation of climate change, carbon sequestration and low carbon economy are some of the corner stones of the European bioeconomy strategy. In recent years, wood has gained increased interest and also become more visible in several cities throughout Europe. This may have a positive impact on climate targets, as studies suggest that building with wood can cut the production emissions by a third compared to a conventional concrete building.

Lithuania has sufficient forest resources and a competitive wood industry, and more than 20% of annual harvest level is exported. Also, Lithuania exports about 80% of glue laminated timber for wooden constructions and wooden houses, using only 20% for national house construction. Because of this, Lithuania losses possibility to develop its low carbon economy based on high value added products.

In order to change the present situation, the current status of the Lithuanian construction sector and bioeconomy needs to discussed and the untapped potentials unveiled. For example, during the Soviet times, many block houses were built in Lithuania for local residents. The life span of these houses is about 50 years and a large share of these houses is already beyond it. Construction of wooden houses could be a part of solution to replace these buildings with comfortable living space while contributing to the bioeconomy goals.

All stakeholders are kindly invited to participate in the event. Only by working together it is possible to give new positive impulses to Lithuanian bioeconomy.

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More information: Diana Tuomasjukka (, BenchValue Coordinator