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Through this webinar, FOREST EUROPE and partners will highlight the Novel Green Forest Jobs based on the findings of the activities of FOREST EUROPE’s Workstream on Green Jobs and Forest Education. 

  • Building up on the previous webinar on “How the heck did I end up here?” from the FOREST EUROPE series “From the Roots to the Canopy”, the results from the survey on Novel Green Forest Jobs and the workshop on Novel Green Forest Jobs to be held at the WS3 Expert Group Meeting (EGM) in October 2023 will be presented. Furthermore, the webinar will highlight the transition and the potential of Green Forest Jobs by showcasing success stories of female professionals who pursued the traditional forestry programmes but transitioned to different fields of Green Forest jobs. We will also investigate the reasons behind that, and related challenges and opportunities for women. Finally, opportunities and gaps regarding Novel Green Forest Jobs in the forest-related curriculum will be discussed.

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