YLP Eurasia

EFI Young Leadership Programme 2019

EFI’s flagship Young Leadership Programme targets the leaders of the future, bringing young professionals together with experts to create a new space where change can happen.

The 2019 edition will focus on Eurasia, exploring the potential of the forest-based bioeconomy in China and Russia in connection with Europe. The programme will address specific questions like:

  • How bioeconomy is interpreted and implemented in Europe, China and Russia?
  • What are the current changes in the national economies of both countries and their forest-related sectors?
  • What are the longer-term prospects for the forest-based bioeconomy sector in both countries and their implications to Europe?
  • How is forest policy and governance changing at the international and national level, and which ones are most important for national forest-based bioeconomy?
  • What other economic sectors (e.g. energy, housing, biomaterials, chemicals, etc.) may also be involved into national forest-based bioeconomy sector?

The one-week intensive course will take place in Joensuu from 11-15 March 2019.

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Up to 20 young professionals with a few years of work experience and affiliated with an institution interested or working on Chinese and Russian forest sector and governance issues will be selected. Application time is closed.

YLP-Eurasia is organised in partnership with the University of Eastern Finland, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Business Joensuu.


Photo by Fotolia/lev dolgachov