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Transnational plans and tools to improve risk detection and quantification and hazard prevention in forests now available!

PLURIFOR is a transnational project which supports cross-border collaboration between 11 partners in France, Portugal, and Spain. This three-year project (07.2016 – 06.2019) is funded by EU Interreg Sudoe. It aims to develop regional and transnational risk management plans for forest areas susceptible to 8 biotic and abiotic hazards: Chestnut gall wasp, Eucalyptus weevil, Pine pitch canker, Pinewood nematode, Emerging pests and diseases, Forest fire, Soil degradation, and Storms.

Tools have been built to improve risk detection and quantification and hazard prevention, both at local and regional levels. At a national level, PLURIFOR has actively contributed to the Portuguese Chestnut gall wasp national plan (“Plano de ação nacional para controlo do inseto Dryocosmus Kuriphilus Yasumatsu Vespa das Galhas do Castanheiro”, 2017) and the French national storm plan (“Plan national de gestion de crise tempête pour la filière forêt-bois”, 2018).

The plans and tools are available on the following website:

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Please note that PLURIFOR final meeting is scheduled for the 3-5.06.2019, in Cestas- France. More information shall be soon posted.