Perception – Awareness – Choice. How forest bioeconomy becomes a reality

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Finding sustainable alternatives and products is crucial for addressing climate change and other environmental issues, such as deforestation, wildfires, and water scarcity. Renewable wood-based products have an extraordinary potential to tackle these challenges while achieving Sustainable Development Goals. What are the stakeholders’ perspectives on tackling these challenges?

Diana Tuomasjukka, Head of the Bioeconomy Programme, and Venla Wallius, Researcher, from the European Forest Institute, will chair the “Perception – Awareness – Choice: How forest bioeconomy becomes a reality” session at the IUFRO World Congress 2024 on 27 June.

“The best concepts and technical solutions do not help if they cannot connect to the implementers and users. To understand what drives stakeholders’ decision-making, understanding their perception and awareness on bioeconomy-related issues, is the starting point to communicate needs and solutions, and thus influence choices leading towards a more just, socially accepted and environmentally sustainable bioeconomy,” says Diana Tuomasjukka.

This session will cover the aspects of perceptions, awareness and choices related to the forest bioeconomy. It aims to explore how consumers, businesses and policymakers view this crucial topic.

“Taking the viewpoints of various stakeholders into account is crucial in sustainable bioeconomy transition. Increased awareness can be an important driver for change. This session explores how different stakeholders view the forest bioeconomy and what kind of research approaches there are to the topic,” said Venla Wallius.

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