Toward Re-Entanglement: A Charter for the City and the Earth

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EFI’s Director Marc Palahí is one of the authors of a new Charter which calls for a radical reimagining of the ways we organize, construct, and inhabit our buildings and cities.

Toward Re-Entanglement: A Charter for the City and the Earth is a call to action, demanding the complete overhaul of the built environment, conceived and implemented within the limits of our planetary resources. 

The Charter sets out 12 principles, including the need to invest in nature, enhance rather than deplete biodiversity, and sink carbon by construction, using regeneratively sourced and renewable, bio-based materials.

EFI’s new Biocities Facility in Rome will focus on many of the areas highlighted in the Charter. Marc Palahí said: “We need to rethink our relationship with nature when building cities. It requires a new and holistic approach to reimagine cities as living socio-biological systems - ‘biocities’, inspired and powered by nature, prospering in harmony with nature. EFI’s new Biocities Facility will work across scientific disciplines and actors to connect knowledge to action to transform the way we create and live in cities.”

The Charter for the City and the Earth was initiated by Bauhaus Earth and authored by 17 scientists, architects, spatial planners, and policy makers from around the world. The Charter was launched and discussed at the conference “Reconstructing the future for people and planet” held on 9-10 June at the Vatican City.

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