KAMI in Malaysia

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest producer of palm oil, and is a key partner in the KAMI project.

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KAMI supports dialogue between stakeholders in the EU and Malaysia on the sustainability of the palm oil value chain, by providing clear, objective information on EU policies and regulations, and on national systems and circumstances in Malaysia. We also provide technical assistance to enhance platforms and initiatives as a way to demonstrate Malaysian palm oil sustainability and traceability, and communicate on project results and best practices identified.

We also support work on palm oil supply chain traceability and on developing options to reinforce supply chains for legal and deforestation-free palm oil in the context of new regulations in global markets. A key focus is on developing objective information – such as that available from existing systems – to help reduce costs for smallholders and medium-sized producers in accessing global markets.

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Expected results

• Strengthened EU-Malaysia dialogue on palm oil sustainability
• Improved capacity for demonstrating legal, deforestation-free and sustainable palm oil production and providing information on palm oil supply chain traceability, especially to smallholders
• Strengthened communication on sustainable palm oil

Project governance

KAMI Malaysia Strategic Country Board (SCB) – the decision-making body for KAMI in Malaysia; provides strategic guidance and approves the work plans for Malaysia. It is composed of five EU services and 9 Malaysian Ministries and agencies.


KAMI facilitates information exchange between the EU and stakeholders in Malaysia to help develop a common, objective understanding of EU policies and national contexts relating to palm oil.

We work with partners on the ground to develop reports and briefs on relevant themes including legal, deforestation-free and sustainable commodity production, with a view to identifying areas where KAMI could offer additional support.  

We also support work to strengthen palm oil supply chain traceability through identifying sources of information which can help meet the needs of palm oil producres and particularly smallholders in demonstrating legal and deforestation free production to global markets.

The KAMI Malaysia Advisory Committee (AC) provides advice and expertise on areas of technical relevance for the project. It is composed of representatives from government, farmer and smallholder associations, private sector, and civil society organisations.

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Key partners


Advisory Committee meeting minutes

Minutes of the 1st Advisory Committee meeting, June 2022 – minutes
Minutes of the 2nd Advisory Committee meeting, September 2022 – minutes