Mercedes Rois – our very own Biohero!

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We face an unprecedent crisis. Humans have no better choice than getting isolated in the midst of the spread of the COVID-19, and at the same time we have never been more interconnected in a virtual world and in spirit. We see that the world we had created around us is collapsing, while at the same time this lets our planet Earth breathe. Pollution levels have decreased across the globe, at a higher rate in the most populated and industrial cities and regions, due to production and transport slow-down, water bodies becoming clear and full of life, animals roaming freely in cities, turtles back to nesting in empty beaches… And all this happening within another existent crisis, to which we had not been reacting at the right speed yet despite the scientific warnings, climate change.

We need to move to a new paradigm, and now more than ever, were bioeconomy is the driver of our growth while we consider the limits of our planet. From industries to policy makers, from primary producers to consumers… We need to act together in the same direction and co-create a sustainable society. Synergies, at all levels, between projects, institutions and other stakeholders can be meaningful.


Recently, from early March, Mercedes Rois joined the #BioHeroes community that the H2020 project Biobridges launched. The project aims at improving the marketability of bio-based products by fostering cooperation and partnerships among bio-based industries, brands and consumers. The #BioHeroes act as "ambassadors" or "influencers" for the project.

Mercedes shared the following inspiration with us:

"The fact that we, as outsiders to the project, voluntarily join the community makes it, in my view, very valuable for spreading the results to a wider audience, and giving our feedback from several disciplines. Our contribution is to help raising awareness about the possibilities of the bioeconomy to shape a new normal. There are many #BioHeroes out there on the ground, committed even without using any hashtag in social media, fully engaged to a sustainable way of living. There is still though a huge need to visualize this mindset and get more #BioHeroes in our society, among friends, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, extension services, you name it...

When we are back to our freedom and our daily life, let´s take the opportunity to emerge as #BioHeroes, in our own capacity, even if only as consumers we can choose what to buy for our clothes, our cleaning products, our furniture, our beauty and personal care… And remember, think global, but act local. If you want to know us, or even better, join us, visit the website.  Enjoy the spring, even if only from your window. Know you are not alone, this is my case too!" 


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