9th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference

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Petersberg Steigenberger Hotel, Königswinter (Bonn)

On 1 and 2 October 2024, the 44 ministers of the signatory countries, the European Commission, representatives of 48 observer organizations, and 14 observer countries of the FOREST EUROPE process will meet at the Petersberg Steigenberger Hotel in Königswinter, near Bonn. The aim is to make decisions to strengthen future cooperation on forests in Europe and share the latest findings and developments in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) across the pan-European region.

At the event, ministers and heads of observer organizations will discuss Sustainable Forest Management, resilience, and youth involvement. The focus is on sharing national experiences, addressing challenges, and shaping the future vision of FOREST EUROPE through key thematic sessions.

The event will conclude with the signing of the Bonn Ministerial Documents, reaffirming the commitment of FOREST EUROPE’s signatories and observers to promoting collective actions to “shape our future with resilient forests” through SFM policies and practices.