International Scientific Seminar on Sustainable Intensification of Planted Forests

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The seminar gathered scientists, forest based industry, forest owners and policy makers to share views and discuss the sustainability and future of planted forests globally and was a chance to exchange with members of the EU EFI network and the IUFRO Task Force on this topic. It was hoped that many opportunities for cooperation on planted forests would arise during and after the event.



It followed in the footsteps of the ICPF (International Congress on Planted Forests) held in Portugal in 2013 and paved the way to the next congress on planted forests which will take place in China in 2018. It was held as part of a series of events organised by EFIATLANTIC and IEFC under the umbrella of IUFRO in the month of June 2016 and was an opportunity to explore and share views on the potential of intensification in planted forests. Topics included the sustainable expansion versus intensification of planted forests, management options for intensifying planted forest production and the opportunities and threats linked to intensification.



The seminar was opened by Christian Pinaudeau (IEFC) and Jean-Michel Carnus (IUFRO).