GTTN Regional Workshop for Asia
Beijing, China
Gesche.Schiffe… Fri, 12.21.2018 - 13:43
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Data vs deforestation Minna.Korhonen Thu, 11.15.2018 - 11:12
Data vs deforestation: A breakthrough in supply-chain transparency.
GTTN Regional Workshop in Peru
Lima, Peru
Gesche.Schiffe… Fri, 10.26.2018 - 09:22
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Impacts of Reduction of Illegal Logging in European Russia on the EU and European Russia Forest Sector and Trade Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 08:56

Technical Report 19

Andreas Ottitsch, Alexander Moiseyev, Nikolai Burdin, Lauma Kazusa
Sawmill Industry and Changing Forest Management Minna.Korhonen Sun, 07.29.2018 - 06:58

The aim of the project was to evaluate economic impacts of different types of forest management practices and sawnwood market scenarios in the case of hypothetical sawmills in Finland.

Structural Changes in Roundwood and Forest Product Markets in Europe Minna.Korhonen Fri, 07.27.2018 - 11:00

The project was financed by the AIR Programme of the European Union with participant organisations from 15 countries in Europe. The aim of the study was to get an overview of the present state-of-the-art in Europe regarding:

  • supply and demand of timber and forest industry products at national and regional levels;
  • structural changes of the forest sector and;
  • data availability for consistent demand and supply analyses of timber and forest industry products at the European level.
Towards Progressive Forest Sector in North-West Russia Minna.Korhonen Wed, 07.25.2018 - 10:49

The project was a consortium project under the title 'Towards progressive forest sector in North-West Russia', consisting of four subprojects:

The first subproject, led by Olli Saastamoinen, focused on the role of forest policy, legislation, and national forest programmes in Russia.

The second subproject was led by Timo Karjalainen and the focus was on technology transfer for efficient and sustainable forest management and wood procurement in Northwest Russia.