YLP 2015

2015 Young Leadership Programme on Forest-Based Bioeconomy: Focus on Russia

The Young Leadership Programme on Forest-Based Bioeconomy: Focus on Russia ran from 7-11 December 2015, and was organised in collaboration with Natural Resources Institute Finland and the University of Eastern Finland.

The programme was aimed at young emerging leaders from the research and development, governance, administration or business side of the forest sector or a related area (e.g. natural resources management, environmental policy, climate change, energy, bioeconomy), who are working in or with Russia.

YLP participants

During the week, the 22 participants looked at the following questions:

  • What bioeconomy means and how is it interpreted and implemented in Russia?
  • What are the current changes in the Russian economy and its forest-related sector?
  • What are the long-term prospects for the Russian forest-based bioeconomy to increase trade, investments, and new technologies in a sustainable way to enhance the livelihood from forests?
  • How is forest policy and governance changing at the international and Russian level, and what kind of impacts are most important for Russian forest-based bioeconomy?
  • What other economic sectors (e.g., energy, housing, biomaterials, chemicals, etc) may also be involved into Russian forest-based bioeconomy?

The Programme featured a mix of keynote speeches and lectures, workshop-style discussions and practical exercises, as well as a field trip. Speakers included Esko Aho, former Prime Minister of Finland. 

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Photo: Saku Ruusila