YLP 2014

2014 Young Leadership Programme for the Russian Forest Sector

The Young Leadership Programme for the Russian Forest Sector offered a unique opportunity for 20 young professionals with leadership potential to interact with their global peers and better understand the emerging opportunities and challenges that the Russian forest sector and its governance is facing. 

2014 YLP participants

The 2014 YLP took place on 5-19 December in Joensuu, Finland, and was organised in collaboration with the Finnish Forest Research Institute and the University of Eastern Finland.

During the week, the programme looked at:

  • What are the current changes in the Russian economy and forest sector?
  • How will the ongoing and foreseeable institutional changes (such as WTO membership) affect the economy and impact the forest sector in Russia and the EU?
  • What are the longer-term prospects for the Russian forest sector to increase trade, investments, and new technologies in a sustainable way to enhance the livelihood from forests?
  • How is forest policy and governance changing at the international and Russian level, and which impacts are most important for Russian forestry and its forest sector?
  • What other economic sectors (e.g., energy, housing, biomaterials, chemicals, etc) may also impact the Russian forest sector?

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