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Dr. Elisabeth Pötzelsberger has been appointed as the new Head of EFI’s Resilience Programme. She will take up her position at the beginning of August 2020 at the EFI Bonn office.
Students in the master's programme have the opportunity to visit the facilities of the European Forest Institute in Barcelona every year to learn about the organisation's work as a bridge between research and policy in forest-related issues.
EFIMED participated in the session organised by the H2020 project to train stakeholders in the usability of the new My Sustainable Forest platform and collect feedback to improve its technical aspects, in order to offer a more efficient forest management through products based on remote sensing.

The Swedish Embassy in Helsinki together with EFI organised a discussion dinner on 12 February on the European Green Deal and the future of forest policy in the EU. The event was hosted by Ambassador Anders Ahnlid.

In 2007, Ghana started negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

Rach Colling has been appointed as Head of Communications, and will start in her position immediately. Rach joined the Communications unit at EFI in 2011, and has worked in several different roles, most recently as Communications Manager at HQ, and then as Acting Head. She has been responsible for the development of policy support communications, as well as managing and developing EFI’s digital communications tools.

Read the first news and events of the decade from around the Mediterranean in the January 2020 edition of EFI Network News - Mediterranean.

With forest fires of unprecedented intensity raging in Australia, the future of forestry is more than ever up for discussion. European answers to the challenges of a changing climate and to a growing market demand for wood were at the centre of debate at the ROSEWOOD Final Conference and the Forestry Innovation Workshop, which took place from 15th to 16th January in Florence.

Regions around Europe unite to make the circular bioeconomy a reality with a launch event taking place on 9 March 2020 in Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain).

Valérie Merckx has been appointed as the Head of the FLEGT and REDD Unit, and will start in her position immediately. Valerie has joined EFI in 2010 as REDD team leader. In that position she has been responsible for the development and overall leadership of the EU REDD Facility and has significantly contributed to design and implementation of the EU REDD Facility’s strategy.

Professionals from different areas of expertise gathered in Helsinki for a half-day workshop to create pathways to the year 2040

Call for bids for the EFI Annual Conference Week taking place in 2022 - 2024 

The SINCERE General Assembly was organised by the University of Padova with the European Forest Institute and brought together the project partners, who explained how their actions seek to maximise the value to society of forest ecosystem services and their sustainable provision.