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Forests, forestry and the forest-based sector are the cornerstone of the European bioeconomy, and a major contributor to climate change mitigation. The speed and scale of European forest bioeconomy development crucially depends on several questions, such as technological and market developments within and outside the forest-based sector, the dynamics of global biomass demand and supply, the European and international policy framework and the ability to use forests in a sustainable way. Forest bioeconomy is also affected by globalization, the digital economy and symbiosis with other sectors: construction, chemicals, textiles and energy, etc.

EFI's Bioeconomy Programme addresses the need for foresight, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research at the interface of markets, products, policies and forest resources. Generating knowledge about the broad sustainability implications of developing a European forest bioeconomy, as well as the effects of different regulations and policy incentives is also key.


  • the future demand and supply of forest products, forest biomass and ecosystem services, and their implications for sustainable forest management as well as for afforestation and plantation forestry
  • sustainability impact assessment and monitoring of forest-based products and services value chains
  • the future markets of increasingly diversified and cross-sectoral forest-based products and services as a result of socioeconomic and policy changes
  • the role of innovation and digitalization, and policies affecting sustainable bioeconomy development.

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Head of Programme: Pekka Leskinen
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