Data vs deforestation

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We are eating our way through tropical forests. Whether it’s a cappuccino for breakfast, a burger for lunch or a chocolate bar as an after-dinner treat, the things we consume in OECD countries are often linked to deforestation in the tropics, where trees are falling at alarming rates. Agricultural expansion to produce commodities like beef, soy, coffee, palm oil and cocoa has driven over 70% of tropical deforestation in the last decade.

Could supply chain transparency help address deforestation? In the OECD Observer, EFI’s Thomas Sembres presents Trase, a global, open-access initiative that reveals the detailed connections between internationally-traded commodities and the places where deforestation is happening. At EFI’s EU REDD Facility, we are working with Trase to develop applications tailored to the needs of governments on both ends of the supply chain.

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