Re-greening cities by advancing Nature Based Solutions in Europe and China – bridging science, policy and practice

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Brussels, Belgium

Join us in Brussels to discuss the potential of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to re-green our urban spaces. How can urban blue and green infrastructure be used to contribute to sustainable urban and spatial development? What improvements are needed to our governance structures and how can we leverage private participation? How can we educate and raise awareness with decision makers and citizens alike? And how can we advocate for the use of NBS, their benefits and values in urban planning to meet societal challenges including climate change resilience, public health and well-being, and social inclusion? 

The event is jointly organised by the CLEARING HOUSE and REGREEN projects, which are active in European cities in Belgium, Spain, Poland, Germany, Denmark, France and Croatia. REGREEN and CLEARING HOUSE are also partnering with Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Huaibei, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China who will bring their experiences to the event.   

We warmly invite you to participate and engage with policy makers from all levels of government, scientists, practitioners and other thought leaders in the field of nature-based solutions and urban planning. 


Day I
8:30 AM: Registration and Check-In
9:15 AM: Opening Remarks and Introduction
9:30 AM: Nature-Based Solutions: Innovations for Climate Action and EU-China Collaboration
10:30 AM: Coffee Break
11:00 AM: Re-greening Cities with Nature-Based Solutions in Europe and China
12:00 PM: Lunch Break
1:00 PM: Enabling Transformation in Urban Areas with Nature-Based Solutions
1:45 PM: Market Place: Explore various exhibits and projects related to nature-based solutions.
2:45 PM: Market Place & Coffee Break
3:00 PM: Parallel Sessions on the following themes
    1. Policy, Governance, and Institutional Issues of NbS Integration
    2. Environmental Aspects of Nature-Based Solutions and Restoration
    3. Ecological Quality of Restoration Activities and Nature-Based Solutions
4:30 PM: Day in Review: Unpacking the Key Highlights from Today's Sessions 
5:00 PM: Reception [+ Continued Market Place]
6:00 PM: End of Day 1

Day II
8:30 AM: Registration and Check-In
9:00 AM: Urban Living Labs: Navigating the NBS Journey through Co-Creation in Cities
10:00 AM: Coffee Break
10:30 AM: Parallel Sessions on the following themes
    1. The Social and Economic Values of Nature-Based Solutions and Restoration
    2. Education for Nature-Based Solutions
    3. Practitioners' Perspective on Working with Nature-Based Solutions
12:00 AM: Conference Conclusions and Inspiring Pathways Forward
1:00 PM: Lunch (Brown Bag)
1:30 PM: End of Day 2
Study Tour: TBD

Note: The agenda is subject to change, and participants are encouraged to check for updates throughout the event.