Focusing on Forest Ecosystem Service values – participate in the online-survey

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An online survey has been launched to assess in what ways citizens value Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) within the Sumforest ERA-Net project POLYFORES “Decision-making support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe”. Of major interest are respondents’ attitudes concerning trade-offs and synergies in FES use and provision and how these manifest in how citizens prioritise among them, both as individuals and for society.

The survey coordinators at the EFI Forest Policy Research Network at BOKU (Vienna) kindly ask for your participation in the survey (Link: Moreover, the distribution in your relevant respective networks would be highly appreciated. The survey has a duration of approximately 20 minutes and is so far available in English, Russian, German and Spanish.

For more information on the POLYFORES project and this survey visit POLYFORES  or follow us on Twitter (@ForestValues).

 *Lambini CK, Nguyen TT, Abildtrup J, Pham VD, Tenhunen J, Garcia S (2018) Are ecosystem services complementary or competitive? An econometric analysis of cost functions from private forests in Vietnam. Ecol Econ 147:343–352