Regulation required for Mediterranean mushrooms and truffles

Representatives from Croatia, France, Greece, Italy and Spain compared notes on taxation and regulation on wild mushrooms and truffles in an inter-regional workshop that called for a change in policy.

Will wine corks survive climate change?

This 360 degree video shows how cork bottle toppers are made and addresses the threats faced by modern cork production.

Forum on Catalan Wildfire Research continues online

The Forum on Catalan Wildfire Research, held in Barcelona on 6 November 2018, was a space for key regional actors in wildfire management to discuss research, collaboration opportunities, and shared challenges.

Global Competition on Best Practices in Forest Education

Nominations now open for the best teaching method to the Global Competition on Best Practices in Forest Education

Regional collaboration is the key to Europe’s bioeconomy

The 2018 Bioregions Forum hosted by CTFC and EFI in Barcelona emphasised the potential of Europe’s rural regions in the bioeconomy, highlighting also the need for regional collaboration, investment, and policy across Europe.

Future leaders focus on forest-based bioeconomy

EFI Young Leadership Programme - Mediterranean edition

Transition and transformation for change in a complex century

Inspirational speakers inspired current and future leaders to drive global transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy at a seminar marking the opening of EFI’s Young Leadership Programme in Barcelona.

Ever thought of a product for its lifecycle?

Solution Hack for Journalists explores life cycle thinking and the bioeconomy

“Wood first” takes a back seat in Sardinia

The event was organised jointly by the EFI Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED), the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) and the EVOLTREE network

The times, they are a-changing: how should leaders adapt?

Inspirational and aspirational leaders, thinkers and change-makers, from science, practice and business are invited to join an open seminar in Barcelona, Spain on 26 November.