EFI Bonn’s principal scientist Marcus Lindner and Junior researcher Laura Nikinmaa participated in the conference “COMMUNICATING RISKS IN Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advanced decision support tools” in Solsona, Spain and discussed how future forest risk management can look like.
New synthesis report looks at the visions, opportunities and challenges of a forest-based circular bioeconomy for southern Europe.
Move beyond an extinction-based approach to forest fires and focus on prevention, via the bioeconomy.
In the framework of the Bonn Science Night, EFI Bonn presented the European forest in times of climate change with a focus on forest use and protection.
The first map of Europe’s last primary forests, including more than 1.4 million hectares in 34 European countries has now been published.
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Each year, EFI offers grants for scientific visits for young researchers from forest research and education organisations to visit another institution.
The Disappearing Oasis details climate change’s impact in Morocco
The European Network INTEGRATE discussed how to balance ecological, economical and social interests in European forests
Call for bids for EFI Annual Conference Week
Celebrating the transformation of the EFIATLANTIC to the Planted Forests Facility and the 20th anniversary of the regional network of actors, IEFC
Today planted forests represent almost 7% of the world's forested area
Study demonstrates ways to increase climate benefits from forests
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The cold Czech winter offered a warm welcome for participants of the kick-off event of the SURE project